Letra: At Peace In Your Smile - 1981

At Peace In Your Smile

Roberto Carlos - Erasmo Carlos - Sue Sheridan

At peace in your smile
I rest for a while
And I'm happy again
The love in your eyes
Cannot be denied
And I'm happy again.
Oh! Who would have thought
That my heart would be lost
To this angel whose smile is like heaven...heaven.
And you must know somehow
My heart is your home now
And the heaven is mine, all mine.
Once I was a runner
A free man forever
I said that love never would find me, never.
Then you came into my life
And you brought the sunlight
To shine for me, don't you see.
That I love the way you give yourself to me.
Oh! I love the way you give your love to me.
Now you are my refuge
The one that I run to
When smile and my whole world is heaven, heaven
You know how I need you
And lying beside you
Is where I wanna be, don't you see.

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