Letra: Sail Away - 1981

Sail Away

Autor(es): Paul Williams - Ken Ascher

Baby, this love is so serene
Midnight sail boats on the Caribbean
Pacific water I'll even take Jamaica Bay
Sooner or later, girl, me and you, we're gonna get away
A little town in Italy
A fire side café, just you and me.
As soon as I catch the wind
I'm gonna take you, girl, and sail away.
Baby, this love you wish for
I've seen, I've heard of white horses
Running along the shore
Might have been a dream, or on the movie screen
Hey, I'm not sure.
Spanish dancers click their castanets
The accordeon fades as they pull up the nets
I wanna walk with you down a Cobblestone Road
See all the beautiful things that we've never known.
As soon as I catch the wind
I'm gonna takes you girl, and sail away.

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