Letra: Breakfast - 1981


Roberto Carlos - Erasmo Carlos - Sue Sheridan

As the sun fills the sky
And tomorrow turns into today
You are dreaming the morning away
Are you dreaming of me?
Think of the night
All the time for our love is so right
I want so much for you to be mine
And the world will be ours.
As the sun fills the sky
I will order a breakfast for two
But my hunger is only for you
Let me love you again
Let´s take some time
There'll be nothing to take us outside
And there's nothing but you on my mind
Only you in my heart.
I don't believe
There's a reason to go anywhere
Why should I leave
All I need is right here, here with you.
As the sun fills the sky
We're just letting our breakfast get gold
But we must let the story be told
If it takes the whole day.
It's paradise
I can see all my dreams in your eyes
And tomorrow well watch the sunrise
And have breakfast again.

Nos lençóis macios, amantes se dão
Travesseiros soltos, roupas pelo chão
Braços que se abraçam, bocas que murmuram
Palavras de amor enquanto se procuram

Neste álbum todas
as canções são
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